Inspirati Security

For dynamic and progressive organisations with personal safety, security and risk mitigation integrated within business practice, Inspirati is at the forefront of delivering bespoke training programmes.

At the request of several clients utilising the unique skills of our team, we can now deliver a number of specialised security packages aimed at both individuals and organisations.

These extend from personal safety in the UK or whilst travelling abroad, to raising security awareness amongst entire or sections of an organisation

Furthermore highly specialised guidance and support can be delivered to vulnerable executives and ‘at risk’ employees, along with their family members of kidnap, blackmail and product contamination. This support also extends to the corporate response to such incidents and the mitigation of reputational damage.

Additionally, Inspirati through some of their highly experienced team, are able to provide security guidance for high risk events and individuals, including security audits of buildings and events, including counter terrorist risk.

Our Associates

Inspirati is pleased to work alongside Sean Dixon, Security Consultant. Following a decade of working within the security industry for a variety of different organisations and individuals, Sean runs a high end security service dedicated to providing discreet, professional services to clients.

Learn more about Sean’s work here (click)